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Woman doing pushups at home

FitnessU: Indoor cardio for any fitness level, any space, and any time (Part 1)

Rate this article and enter to winFor all of us in the western hemisphere, it’s winter. For some of us, that means cold. With most of our holidays behind us and a new semester...
Fitness trainer performing leg exercise with bench

FitnessU: Glute-busting moves to build your backside

Rate this article and enter to winInterested in building your backside? We are too, and apparently so is everyone else on the internet. There’s no shame in wanting to show your glutes some love—strong...

3 workouts that work for your schedule, your skills, and your life

Rate this article and enter to winSeptember means fresh starts, you feel me? Suddenly, your superhuman dreams are no longer unattainable. Master time management? Check. Balance your cheese curl consumption with carrots? Got it....
Knee & shoulder injury prevention with a wallvideo

Knee & shoulder injury prevention with a wall

%CODE1% Wall sit: For the wall sit, you will begin standing with both feet shoulder width apart and about 1-2 feet away from a wall that you are leaning against. From here,...
Avoiding Injuryvideo

Avoiding Injury

%CODE1%The shoulders, knees, and lower back are injury-prone areas of the body. They are frequently used for movement and weight-bearing activity. Here are some tips for the gym to avoid aggravating these areas and...
Avoiding common workout mistakesvideo

Avoiding common workout mistakes

%CODE1% Plank: Your low back is most at risk in this move. Start in table top position with your hands shoulder width apart and knees hip width apart. Engage your core, squeeze your butt,...

Playful workouts

%CODE1%Cross Over’s: Attach a resistance band or jump rope around a pole and hold the handles so there is tension in the band. Arms should be at about shoulder height. Begin to pull both...

Anywhere, anytime jump rope

%CODE1%Warm up:Jump Rope Figure 8: 30 secondsJog in place but this time hold jump rope in hands and bring your hands side by side and swing the jump rope from right to left making...

Stair workout

%CODE1%Warm up: (Perform one set of each exercise below) Toe Taps on bottom Step: Stand facing the staircase and bring one leg up at a time to tap the top of the bottom...

Staircase workouts

%CODE1%Perform each of the following stair exercises up 20-30 steps (typically 2-3 flights of stairs) for 2-3 sets. Either complete all the sets for one exercise before moving on to the next or complete...